Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Real Warriors Show Off Their "Pecks!"

Dracian raiders are proud of their heritage, and muscles, as this group shows while attacking the Roman frontier.

Fearless or foolish for not wearing armor matters not to these warriors when their blood lust is up.  Light wounds go unnoticed when the fighting is hot!

Seeing more enemies these fighters set off to join they fellows in battle.

As more and more men join the attack the tide of battle turns to favor the bold and brave.

Raiders cared little for their own safety, battle, loot and glory were the goals of these barbarian warriors.
The last in line seems to say "Come and join the fight" as the hoard moves forward. These pieces are 28mm barbarian plastic and metal figures from Warlord Games.


  1. Yep a here we have peck of Picts Pecks (sorry this was too bad to resist).