Saturday, September 17, 2011

Come Here My Sweet For Your Suprise...

Verein Zoetekijken beckons to an admirer on the lonely docks of a port on the Spanish Main. She offers to fill an age old need of those who ply the seas.

Yes, with her trusty belaying pin she will help a needy captain fill his crew with a new "volunteer" sailor. As a member of a successful press gang, Verein earns her coin from her sweet looks and fast swing.

Verein is a metal piece from the pirate mercenaries press gang of Privateer Press.


  1. Lucky yet if she is *only* luring for a press gang: sailors sometimes make very weird encounters.

  2. PS: as all your 'Pirates' messages this one could well be labelled '18th C.': enough of the minis wear a tricorne, as in most of the popular movies, comics &c... A legacy of 'Treasure Island'?

  3. Good point, most of this group, (they will be posted later) could pass for 18th or 19th centuries as well.