Thursday, June 30, 2011

Battle Fleets Cleared For Action

Dragon Lords are ready.

As are the warships of the Shroud Mages. Soon the battle will commence.

All are resin ships from Spartan Games.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vixen with a Pepperbox

Jaimy Foxxfire takes aim with her deadly pepperbox multibarrel pistol.

On her shoulder rides "Mr Pringles," her trained monkey.

Jaimy is a 28mm metal piece from Reaper Figures.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Legionaries Attack!

At the command of the centurion, the best trained soldiers of their world charge into their enemies.

One of the most feared sights on the battlefield of 2000 years ago-Roman Legionaries on the attack.

For almost two centuries the legionaries of Rome enforced the Pax Romana (Peace of Rome) a time where most of Western Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean Sea were at peace, without a major war. An accomplishment that has never been duplicated to this very day.

At the height of the Empire it was often the truth that the greatest danger to a unit of Roman legionaries was another unit of Roman legionaries (due to all to frequent wars between rival factions for control of the Empire.

Apart from the metal command elements, these are plastic 28mm pieces from Warlord Games.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thrust-Perry-Riposte, Skill will tell the Victor

The Lady Charolette von Hapsburg-Stuart-Pirate Princess and Lady Margot d' Fraustein=Pirate Hunter, have decided to settle their differences with cold steel.

The skills of both women are well matched and the victor of the engagement is still in doubt.

Both Lady Charolette and Lady Margot are 28mm metal pieces from Brigade Games.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Warriors Need Big Armor

Big Warriors, big armor, big swords and big bad attitudes-that's what these warriors of Menoth bring to the battlefield.

Faith in their cause give them the strength to preserver in any situation.

These are plastic pieces for Richard's mighty Menoth Warmachine army.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Those that Scared Me Shall Pay!

Lady Margot d' Fraustein seeks revenge from those pirates that scared her face in a raid on her island plantation.

Since she is unsure as to which pirates were in the raid she has decided to kill every pirate she comes upon.

Lady Margot is a metal piece from Brigade Games.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pro Imperator

"Pro Imperator" Gaius Lupodus, Romanorum Imperiosus volo VI Legio.
(For the Emperor" cries"Gaius Lupodus Imperial Roman Signifer of the Sixth Legion.)

Gauis is a 28mm metal piece from Warlord Games.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back from Afghanistan

USMC Lance Corporal Thomas Wall is back from his deployment to Afghanistan with the 26 MEU.

Thomas was a member of the CE of the 2nd Radio Battalion.

Thomas with his NAM

The Princess is a Pirate

The Lady Charolette von Hapsburg-Stuart, princess of two royal households, has chosen a less delicate career. She prefers to call herself a privateer-to others she is a simple pirate.

Armed with her sword, excellent skills and deadly accuracy she is a foe to be reckoned with.

Attackers who are distracted by her looks soon fall victim to her deadly blade.

The Lady Charolette is a metal 28mm piece from Brigade Games.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Now this is a Motley Crew

Lord Rockbottom and his crew of bully boys are ready for a good fight if followed with lots of loot.

This is another look at some of my latest metal pirates from Privateer Press. They will soon be followed by some Brigade Games and Reaper models-stay tuned.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

When Cats Attack at Sea

In the midst of a sea battle the dread giant monster "Cookie" rises from the depths.

Showing total disregard for the puny ships of war of the Imperials and Shroud Mages the massive beast overwhelms several with her tail. Luckily for all, as in most interactions with the wilds of nature, little damage was done. The giant creature quit the contested field and the battle resumed with an eventual victory by the Imperials.

The ships are resin castings from Spartan Games, Cookie is a one of a kind original.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bridgehead 1812 Style

The head of a squad of US Marines in full combat kit (War of 1812 style), take this bridge.
These Marines were armed with single shot, .75 cal flintlock muskets and steel bayonets.

These Marines are 28mm metal pieces from Knuckleduster.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Faith is my Power

The leaders of the warriors priests of Menoth rely upon their faith to give them the power to defeat their enemies.

Holy zeal, a little magic and good body armor can be very powerful tools in battle.

These are metal pieces from Privateer Press for Richard's Menoth Army.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never Tackle a Battleship Alone!

The remains of frigate scout squadron Snake Eyes (Zu, Ness & Scylla) have brought word to cruiser patrols Vipers Bite (Scatha & Smaug) and Wryverns Claw (Glaurung & Xiuhcoatl) that the remains of a Shroud Mage battle squadron is trying to escape a recent battle. The two understrength cruiser squadrons are ordered to destroy the interlopers. (This was a standard scenario from the Uncharted Seas rules. The Dragon Lords were allowed 50% more than the Shroud Mages. The only victory conditions were the battleship had to be destroyed by the Dragon Lords or exit off the board for a Shroud Mage victory).

The battleship Enchantress Le Fey and cruiser consort Sorceress are making full speed to try and escape before more powerful Dragon Lords units can close the noose.

The Dragon Lords decide to use their speed advantage to surround the advancing Shroud Mage ships. Command signals are confused which causes Squadron Vipers Bite to mask Wyverns Claw so the latter could not fire. The frigates move to try for rear rakes later.

Not wanting to make the same error, the cruiser Sorceress prepares to pull ahead of the Enchantress to open favorable firing arcs for both ships.

The Sorceress takes the brunt of the firepower of the three squadrons of Dragon Lords (to the surprise of many, the frigates did the lions share of damage on the cruiser).

The situation is clear, the Dragon Lords are trying to box in the Shroud Mage ships. The Sorceress has taken fearful damage while the Scatha has been lightly hit. While as yet all shots against the battleship have bounced off harmlessly, confidence is high in the Dragon Lord ships.

Then the Enchantress La Fey lets loose with a fearsome broadside and the Smaug disappears as her hull disintegrates and the Scatha is seriously damaged. In vengeance the Sorceress dies from a volley of accurate combined fire from the frigates.
The Enchantress La Fey now comes under fire from the entire Dragon Lords fleet...and comes through unscathed! In return Glaurung looses half her hull from another shattering broadside.

Throwing caution to the wind the Scatha attempts to close and board the Enchantress La Fey. Big mistake, the massive undamaged battleship crushes the hull of Scatha sinking her with all hands. To little to late the frigate squadron rakes the mighty battle ship and slightly damages her hull. Seeing the swift demise of the Scatha, and with only two cruisers, one crippled, left the Dragon Lord loose heart and pile on all speed to quit the field of battle. (Through a miss reading of the rules the end was originally a bit different as the two ships fought a boarding action and the crew of the Scatha massacred the battleships crew and captured the ship. I had miss read the collision rules and mistakenly underestimated the damage done to Scatha so she was able to close and board-oops. A quick reread and the error was exposed and the already 50% damaged Scatha slipped ingloriously beneath the waves.)

This game had Richard as the Shroud Mages admiral while I controlled the Dragon Lords. My initial moves (except the frigates who did almost all the damage the Shroud Mage ships took) were very poor. I greatly underestimated the staying power of my cruisers and over estimated their firepower. Lessons learned: 1-Only massed fire at close range (or lots of lucky dice) from lighter ships can harm a battleship. 2-Closing with a battleship is going to lose you a ship a turn sunk or seriously damaged. 3-Raking is very effective vs any ship. 4-Never-never-never collide/ram an undamaged battleship with a damaged cruiser! Regardless, it was a fun, fast game.

All the ships were resin models from