Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Fight for Parliament and Cromwell

With firelocks primed, a line of musketeers ready to give fire into the troops of King Charles in the English Civil War.

In an attempt to create a form of uniform camaraderie, the commander of this musketeer unit has provided his men with green shirts and buff vests. Most of the rest of the equipment and clothing is at the discretion of the individual soldier.

These are more of the old 25mm Minifig and Hinchcliffe, castings from the 1970's.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steampower + Armor = Enemies Destruction

Armed with the latest technological weapons from Cynar's master war mechanics, the Firefly is a deadly adversary.

Light warjacks are fast and powerful. They are equally dangerous to the infantry and warjacks of Cynar's foes.

This is one of the new plastic Warmachine light warjacks I painted for Tom's Cygnar Army.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sailor Beware-Here There Be A Monster

Sea Monsters have been a part of the folklore of the sea since man first set out on the open water. Here one of the beasts has entered a harbor and panicked the locals.

Hump after sinuous hump marks the passage of this Sea Serpent as she heads out to the open ocean and back into myth and legend.

I painted this metal Sea Monster figure in the mid 1990's. I think the casting was made in the 1970's, but I do not remember the manufacturer.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

1st Marines Island Hopping WIP

These US Marines from the Mid-Late War Island Hopping Campaign are still a Work in Progress. The idea is to have them looking like a unit of grizzled veterans, rough looking with well worn equipment in the midst of the Hell of the Pacific.
I started with a dark brown base rather than my normal black. The brown should give a better mud grime feel to the olive drab.

This unit will be another in my on going project of USMC miniatures. These 28mm metal figures are from a new company for me-the Bolt-Action Line from Warlord Games, . They are very detailed, and most come with a variety of separate heads so quite a bit of individuality is possible.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vertically Challenged Pirates

"Follow me boys," bellows Capt. Largefry as he leads his vertically challenged pirates crew in a raid on a small sea town.

As bloodthirsty as their human compatriots, they compensate for their small stature with lots of pistols. Size doesn't matter, especially when you have lots of firepower!

Dwarf pirates are among the most vicious pirates-they always aim below the belt, and those blades are sharp!

These are some of the metal Long Drong Slayer Pirates from Games Workshop that I painted at the turn of the century. I have two more units of them that I'll show later.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Going Clubing-Saxon Style

The men of a Saxon Fyrd were expected to supply their own equipment when called to do battle by their local lord. This warriors equipment is nothing more than his day to day clothing, a large shield and his club. The blood and gore on the latter would imply he knows how to use it to good effect.

This guy was one of my very first attempts at 25mm metal figures. I painted him as one of a group of figures for my Grandmother, Dec. 24, 1976. I used Testors oil based paints,hence the high gloss look. The pieces were all Minifigs as those were the only 25mm metal figures sold in the area back then.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Turn Eight, End Game

"Halt who approaches," calls out Pitan, the marine on stern guard on the Mon Cheri. The Dragon Lady gives the pass word and readies to board. She may have lost her lab or maybe not, time will tell. Being well prepared she feels confident of the future, she has valuable skills, a brilliant mind and a full copy of PRAM plans hidden under her dress. This is only a setback, she will rebuild, oh yes, the World will soon know of and fear the Dragon Lady!
"Be very, very quiet and we'll make it out of here," admonishes Major Fisttrigger. As the PRAM passes them by, the three survivors escape and are surprised to find a very much alive Sgt. Smithers. Together they head back to British Territory, the patrol sadly diminished. The major ponders rather the information gained was worth the heavy losses. One thing is certain, Underlong will be mentioned in dispatches for his excellent marksmanship.
As the Imperial Air Troopers retire with their prize,Kapitän Himmelskrieger ponders his good luck, only one man lost and an invaluable new scientific breakthrough for the Kaiser. Only one the heck are they going to get this monster onto the light scout zeppelin hidden in the forest beyond the stream?
Ivan, having regained control over the errant PRAM directs the beast towards the Mon Cheri. It will be very valuable in convincing his superiors that he was justified in blowing his cover with the Tsarist Colonel General, Count Alexi Romonav-Stifenback. Ivan knows his future will either be a promotion or firing squad, the PRAM, controls and Dragon Lady will go far in helping him avoid the latter. (In the background Zola is still manning his post on the HMG awaiting orders, unaware that he is virtually alone. The revelations that dawn will bring might be quite shocking to the young marine.)
With the PRAM safely stowed, Ivan, Sam and the Dragon Lady climb to the bridge and ready the Mon Cheri for departure.

Where is everyone wonders the Colonel General. Then he notices the Mon Cheri pulling out from the dock. As the reality of the situation dawns upon him his anger rises to the boiling point! Wait...does he smell smoke?
With a shattering explosion, the lab blows apart. The slow fuse Ivan lit with his cigar earlier had finally reached its explosive conclusion. No loose ends is Ivan's motto.
The Mon Cheri, with her priceless cargo, bids a not so fond farewell to the ruins of the Dragon Lady's lair.
The Dragon Bones, without command controls, have the run of the base. They will attack anything that comes in sight. For now they are free and dangerous.
An ominous figure slowly emerges from the smoke and ruins of the PRAM Lab. The Colonel General is beyond angry-his secret weapon system is gone as is its inventor. "Bolsheviks!" "Revenge is best served cold they say, but the pain will be hot and painful-I PROMISE!"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Turn Seven, Decisions, Decisions...Shoot

Amid the carnage of the barracks roof Captain Reidhammer has finally defeated Andrean but at a cost, he is virtually out on his feet from his wounds (Captain Reidhammer barely won and finished the combat with only one point left). After a quick meeting of the minds, the major decides to pull out and inform HQ of the situation. With only himself and one unwounded man left(Underlong mistakenly reported that Smithers was taken by the PRAM), the major felt he had no other option. Underlong will assist the seriously wounded captain as they bug out, leaving only the major to protect the three of them.

Sgt Smithers can't believe his good luck as the beasty passes within inches but takes no notice. Not willing to risk his good fortune he decides to wait and see what happens next. (Being panicked probably saved the sgt. as he was unable to fire on the beast. This was the PRAM controlled by Sam Shove and without his direction it moved randomly if not attacked.)

The truth is out, Ivan is a NKVD officer sent to gain the secrets of Dragon Bones. A round of heated negotiations (and some serious threats) between Ivan and the Dragon Lady result in a mutual joining of forces. Sam is awakened, with a serious headache, his loyalty to the Dragon Lady puts thoughts of revenge to the back of his mind-for now.

Time to leave, Sam takes the lead, Ivan delays a little before he leaves the lab. Throughout he keeps an eye on his new "friends" and a hand on his pistol.

After a brutal fight, the gas blinded Igor is finally put OOA by a vicious blow to the head.

Roon finds the controls and leads the T.Rex as gentle as a lamb. Unfortunately all Dragon Bones are not as friendly as the charging brontosaurus demonstrates! The elite air troopers do not panic and open up with every weapon they have. (The Germans luck returned at the right time. Roon scored a critical success on his roll and not only found the PRAM control but was also able to get them to work. Vs the brontosaurs, that ended up short on its charge, every shot and grenade hit. Too bad I was looking forward to some bone on bone action between the two monsters.)

Bronto down! Modern fire power(two explosive grenades and a hail of smg, pistol and rifle bullets-plus it was already damaged by Major Fisttrigger and the LMG) rips prehistoric monster-at least this time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Bang Intermission Two

A Jager light mortar fires in support the troops in the trenches in the mid years of the Great War.

These are 25mm metal, Old Glory figures.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Turn Six, Danger in Every Corner

Leaving Zola with orders to lay down suppressing fire in the direction of the barn (Being engulfed in tear gas, this was easier said than done. Zola tried his best firing blind, but succeeded in missing everything even the massive Dragon Bones), The Colonel General decides to discuss their next plans with the Dragon Lady, he is also confused as to where his manservant has disappeared to.

First bullets and now this, Sgt. Smithers is not having a good day. (At least his luck held and the PRAM was distracted by the body of the dead soldier)

Intent on the actions of the PRAM's, neither Sam nor the Dragon Lady notice the secretive actions of Ivan.

A swift blow to the head and Sam is knocked out and his PRAM control is in Ivan's hands as is the Dragon Lady (he assumes).

Major Fisttrigger regains his morale (a lot easier when it was apparent that the brontosaurus could not follow him). While Reidhammer and Andrian continue to exchange blows,each causing a heavy wound to the other as the melee continues.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Turn Five.2 Flying Hot Lead

Heimlick charges into the tear gas and is surprised by the strength of Igor. The advantage of the gas helps, but after the first round of combat they are both lightly wounded. Perhaps Heimlick should have shot Igor instead.

After gassing the HMG, Spritzer and Underoffizier Lutzer open fire on the marine gunner.

Out of the range of the gas grenade, the Colonel General fires his revolver and hits Underoffizier Lutzer with a light flesh wound. The underoffizier laughs off the wound as he continues to fire his SMG at the Zola on the HMG. (Even with firing two full bursts, every shot missed-as the turn progressed the luck of the Germans failed badly.)

It never pays to forget an enemy with a LMG. From his post on the Mon Cheri's 08/15 LMG, Montinqua has a clear view of the air troopers firing on the HMG and outlined by the burning PRAM. He lets loose with a long raking bust at the two intruders. (This is the view from the Mon Cheri)

In mid laugh, Lutzer is cut down by the 08/15's hot lead.

Mean while Roon is still trying to find something of value on the PRAM. Perhaps he is looking in the wrong spot? (Throughout the entire turn the Imperial Air Troops failed every important die roll, shooting, intelligence, luck, hand to hand etc.)