Sunday, September 5, 2010

On China Station

From the end of the Great War to the early days of WWII, these US Marines were heavily involved in actions of intervention and prevention in Asia. From China to Midway Island, the Corps was there when needed giving their payment in blood and suffering as required.

This detachment has seen some bloody action, so much so that the Lieutenant has traded his pistol for the heavier firepower of a Tommygun. The rest of the men have the standard weapons and equipment of the day, Springfield rifles, 12 gauge trench guns, another Tommygun, a BAR and even a Lewis Light Machinegun. The old tin helmet saw action well into 1942 with many Marine units throughout the Pacific.
These are more of my on going project to paint up a unit of USMC troops from every major war the Corps has been involved in since its founding in 1775 (check out older posts under USMC Miniatures for some of the other units I have completed). These miniatures are 28mm metal pieces from Pulp Figures excellent Americans section of troops.

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