Friday, May 7, 2010

Lebel Fusil Modele 1886

In the Great War the standard arm for the French in the early years was the 8mm Lebel rifle. When it was introduced in the late 19th Century the Lebel was the most advance military arm in general use. It was the first small bore, high-velocity, smokless powder, repeater to be accepted by a major power. But for combat use it had a major flaw, it was tube loaded. This was a slow process as the loader had to be careful loading the center fire cartidges to avoid an unfortunate explosive incident. A further complaint was made about the sight being both too short and too small for combat use. By 1914 the Lebel was out classed by most of the standard rifles of the major powers. The French poliu took this instride as he rose to the need to defend France from the invaders, poor equipment would be a hinderance but would be over come by the soldiers bravery and tenacity.

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