Monday, May 3, 2010

Battle of the Titans

Richard and I had a battle Sunday between Khador and Menoth. I was doing very well (Ricard went easy on me as he is the experct in this game system) until I lost. The army was working fine,then in an act of foolish bravado the Khador leader charged into battle helped to kill a light warjack and them met with an assassin-ouch. The fight was mercifully quick and fatal. What a way to snatch defeat from the illusion of victory. It was a fun battle and we both had a great time.

Up first we have the commander of Khador scanning the field. Snipers looking for a target (this was the best unit of Kador as they racked up an impressive number of kills-one shot one kill-was their motto), Assassin what assassi...ahhhh, the forces of Menoth and Kador.

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